Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™

Thursday, January 12, 2017 8:00am-10:00am

Location : Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA

Michael Cerbelli is scheduled to debut the latest edition of his legendary presentation “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™" formerly titled “Michael Cerbelli’s: Hot Event and Entertainment Ideas.” Michael returns for his 16th production with renewed excitement and a fresh perspective for what’s hot in the event and entertainment industry. With it’s annual first appearance exclusively reserved for The Special Event Show, Michael is excited to host his highlighted showcasing event at the conference. Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 12th at 8:00AM for Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™ edition in Long Beach, California.


At this time we are excited to personally invite you to submit your HOT IDEA for the 2017 production of “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™.” As you may know, Michael is continuously on the lookout for the newest and hottest ideas and we would love to hear what idea you have. The show has become increasingly popular amongst event and entertainment professionals over the last dozen years due to its informative and educational nature, set in a most entertaining format that only Michael can deliver! We are proud of the overwhelming amount of positive feedback from previous HOT IDEA participants as they’ve enjoyed a significant rise in the notoriety of their products, directly resulting in an increase in sales. These participating companies repeatedly request to be included in Michael’s production each year, keeping the competition HOT, not to mention inspiring industry professionals to stay on the cutting edge of events and entertainment.


Michael would like to invite your company to formally submit any idea(s) to be considered for the debut of “Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™.” Remember... the key to securing a spot in the production is to present event ideas, products and entertainment acts that are fresh, new, innovative or just outright HOT. Included with this letter are the required forms to submit your idea and explain to Michael why your entry should be chosen.




This year Michael Cerbelli is adding a exciting experience to being a part of The Hot List. The Hot List Pavilion will be revealed immediately following Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™ Showcase on The Special Event trade show floor. Following the showcase Michael is hosting a meet and greet where attendees will have the opportunity to speak with you directly about your fabulous entertainment or product.  You will be responsible for any marketing materials or handouts.  We suggest you bring a package you can walk in with rather than shipping to the convention center.  All larger shipments that are necessary will need to go through TSE Convention/GES.


Being a part of Michael Cerbelli’s: The Hot List 2017™ you are not merely a showcase in a trade show; you become a part of an experiential event that will leave your mark on your audience.

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Suite 110

New York, NY, 10001